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Great eye care begins with the regular eye exams

Doctor Lucey practices comprehensive general ophthalmology with an emphasis on the medical management of glaucoma, macular degeneration and advanced sutureless cataract surgery. Driven by patient satisfaction, premium intraocular lenses have become the focus of the practice. She works closely with subspecialists as needed to ensure that her patients receive the finest care.

The office offers 4500 square feet of state of the art medical equipment, including an in office YAG laser, retinal camera, visual field machine and the latest glaucoma and retinal imaging systems. This makes the office very convenient for comprehensive care. No more running between offices for testing.

In addition, Doctor Lucey is former Section Chief of the Department of Ophthalmology at Johnson Memorial Medical Center. She performs all her cataract surgery locally at the new SightMD CT Manchester Ambulatory Surgery Center

If you are suffering from vision health problems or simply have a question, contact our office today at (860) 749-6485. We are happy to help!